3D Interactive floor

One picture is worth a thousand words. What if the picture is a 3D and interactive and exits where people least expect it? 3D Interactive Floor gives these experiences. 

3D Interactive Floor is a solution to transform a normal floor into an interactive area to place anything. Each effect can modify the backgrounds, videos, sounds, settings according to your needs. So, our solutions are guaranteed to create real, tangible at any location, and make your event stand out in the most unique and innovative way.  They also make boring simple floors into an exciting virtual digital playground that gives real fun and memorable experience.

3D Interactive floors work with a high-resolution projector that displays special effects and interactive content on the floor surface. Using this technology, the interactive floor responds to the slightest movement and puts anybody in control of the amazing, interactive, display.

We avail 3D Interactive floor which is easy to operate and can be used on any kind of floor surface. It is suitable for users of any kind or group. It is also compatible with any kind of needs or end-users like shopping malls, product launch, and marketing. Besides, we also provide these floors for events like family functions, birthday parties, weddings, and corporate events as well. From discussing the ideas to pack-up, we will ensure you have the experience to remember.