Bachelorette Party

With all the stuff that any Bachelorette party fantasies are made of, this is the ultimate party ladies wouldn’t want to miss!


From relaxing to partying, all your needs. and wants will be taken care of in this 1-Day Ultimate Bachelorette Party! Planning for a wedding may be tedious enough. So you and your ladies deserve to be rewarded with a day of enjoyment and fun!. Of course, no good send-off comes without a party! Leave all the tiresome planning to the professionals. All you need to do is prepare yourself for a smashingly good time!

bachelorette party organizer bangalore
night out


Who doesn’t enjoy a good night out? I know I sure do! Spend the day getting ready with your girls in a big hotel room, and enjoy the night life the big cities near you have to offer!. Starting from the simple ideas, you can enjoy a night watching a movie and having dinner with your girlfriends. Moreover, you can visit a Karaoke night, cruise party, casino, opera night etc.

farm / villa party


Every bride needs a little R&R before the big day and so don’t limit yourself to a one-night celebration instead, escape for the weekend to these swashbuckling bachelorette getaways. Stay away from the cliché party resorts and hotels and instead rent out an entire Farm or Villa for an exclusive bachelorette weekend. Sip cocktails as you laze around the swimming pool. Keep the party going all night long with eclectic music. 

fling party


If you’re a first-time bridesmaid facing into the fling party gauntlet right now, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you what you need to do (and when), we’ll give you unique ideas for fling party themes and we’ll even throw in the best mr & mrs quiz questions. To get you on the right track, we’ve put together a guide with everything you need to know about how to start planning a fling party.

beach party


There’s nothing like a bachelorette party on the beach to help you get your party on. The sun, sand and waves all make for an ideal setting for your squad, and when you throw in tropical drinks, flowers and palm trees, the beach bach party will almost feel complete. Whether you’re planning your own last hurrah as the bride-to-be, or you’re one of the bride’s #squad planning the best bachelorette party ever, We will help you throw the beachside bachelorette of your dreams.

bachelorette party organizer bangalore


When your bestie decides to take the plunge and get hitched, sneaking out to one of the most fun bachelorette weekend getaways is all the plan you need. Considering the hubbub before a wedding, you might not have many days to celebrate and take a big trip.

bachelorette party organizer bangalore


Planning the ultimate bachelorette party? There’s a new idea in town, and this one might just be the perfect thing for brides-to-be hoping to get some total relaxation in before heading down the aisle: a bachelorette party at a wellness retreat. After all the hustle and bustle of planning the dreamiest wedding day, a luxurious escape sounds kind of perfect, right? You, your closest friends, and a whole weekend getaway with the most rejuvenating agenda ever.


Our packages don’t have set prices. Costs are determined by multiple factors including date, destination, and group size. But we always keep personal group budget in mind when creating itineraries. Flights are not included as most of our party clients are traveling from all different places on different schedules but we handle everything from arrival to departure in your destination city. We offer different payment methods, we send you invoicing so that each client can pay their part online individually or as a group.

This seems to be a favorite feature with our clients because this way, one client doesn’t have to pay everything up front and then chase down their friends for money. The majority of your weekend is all-inclusive and prepaid so that you guys can arrive and enjoy everything that is planned withozut having to pull out your wallets at every stop.Our payment process is easy.

To reserve your party date, we request deposit from the (person in charge) to begin planning. Once we have put together a final party itinerary, each party guest will rsvp to the party by submitting their full payments. From there we complete all necessary reservations & bookings. Payment plans may be offered for parties booked far in advance, where all final payments will not be collected until 45 days prior to your travel date. Then you’re all ready to party!

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