Destination party

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The wedding season is almost upon us again and along with it comes a hectic spell of planning and preparations. A bachelorette destination party combines two equally amazing things—traveling and celebrating your bestie bride-to-be! With all the pressure and excitement abound, bride-to-be often gets the most stressed-out of all. A bachelorette party is not only a tradition. But also a chance for the bride to destress and get a much-needed holiday with her girl pals. Whether you are the BFF planning the surprise spinster party or if you are the bride planning your own bachelorette, the biggest dilemma is often choosing the destination.

Typically planned by the maid of honor, this trip is filled with bach-swag and reliving your glory days. We’ve got the low down for you to throw a jet-setting bachelorette party for the bride-to-be. From deciding when you should book hotels to figuring out travel plans with fellow bridesmaids, we’ve broken down a timeline for you.

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