Digital Graffiti Wall

Digital graffiti wall is a unique and exciting product that allows the creation of digital graffiti on a designated wall. We offer fully interactive graffiti wall which you can hire for any events. We provide graffiti walls which brings people together with a fun and interactive experience. Anyone can grab a digital spray can to create art. It is perfect for exhibitions, trade shows, corporate events & awards ceremonies. You can also use fantastic custom stencils to make your mark. We also include additional customizable options for branding on the wall for enhanced brand visibility.

Special effects give different look and feel of real graffiti. Each design can be saved from the digital graffiti wall, which can be uploaded to social media or emailed. It also used to create mementos such as t-shirts, mugs or stickers. For events with limited space, a smaller version of the wall is available. We also activate photo booth mode, if you’d like to add an extra element to the interactive and combine live photos with live editing. It allows anyone to intuitively spray paint and use amazing artistic tools and photography features before sharing them online. It creates unique and innovative event experiences leaves guests with a great long lasting memory.