Farm / Villa Party

farm / villa party

Whatever type of bachelorette party suits your fancy, the bottom line is that this special occasion should be about togetherness, good times, and great memories. And while we love the idea of everyone chipping in to stay at a super sweet crash pad together, vacation villa / farm party rentals always come with a few extra rules and responsibilities—and just a few less VIP perks. Who’s going to cook breakfast for you every morning, keep things tidy, or set up awesome activities, like private surf lessons or yoga sessions, wine tasting, spa time or dinner plans?

The good news is that you can have the best of both worlds: hotel comforts and 5-star services with all of the charms and perks of a vacation home rental, including cozy, extra large living spaces to call your own and outdoor amenities like fire pits, umbrellas and lounge chairs, an infinity pool with ocean views, and then some.

We have wonderfully unique properties can be bought out for bachelorette groups of 8, 10, up to 12 guests, depending on the size of the property, and there are options for smaller groups, too. And when it comes to bachelorette-worthy perks? Oh yes, there are plenty. Ladies, let’s just say these are some serious #squadgoals…

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