Giff Booth

What could be cooler than having fun images from your event? How about a GIF booth where your images come to life? A giff booth allows your guests to run on cool poses to create their own memory of your event. 

GIF takes a series of still images and turns them into gifs, ready to share to social media instantly. Guests pose for many photos in the giff booth and these photos are will create a GIF picture. Boomerang GIF is also done by filming a short video clip, that plays forwards and then backward. It gets looped, and then saved as an mp4 video, ready for sharing. Brand promotion is also possible when your guests walk into this booth and discover they can make GIFs of their own. Our team will help get the setup just right, and enable guests to instantly get copies of the GIFs for their own uses. These booths include a complete kit with everything you need – photo booth machine, props, etc.