Are you looking for the best magician in Bangalore? Here we are to organize a creative and stunning magician for you! 

Magicians are one of the most popular choices when looking for someone who entertains, captivates and keep the attention of people in any events. They take you to the world of magic and illusion that will ignite your curiosity. They also have the ability to keep the audience enthralled for hours with their amazing magic traits. A magic show can never get boring because something new and exciting keeps happening every minute. We provide the best magician who can allure the minds of people by performing colorful, tricky and entertaining magic traits in the magic shows. With the help of experienced and successful magicians, we bring in the most unique magic shows in Bangalore. Moreover, the magic show is enjoyed by many young kids and also adults. This show is most suitable for all age groups. 

  • The magician will bring the required props for the magic show. 
  • Magician will bring the music tracks required for the show. 
Performance time: 

It takes 20 to 30minutes depending on how quickly the tricks are getting done. 

Requirements from Your End: 
  • Discuss package cost, date, time and location of the party, before you hire a magician for your event. 
  • Audio will bring the best effect for the show.
  • One table and table cloth is mandatory for the magician to setup his materials. 

We deliver the most creative magic shows in Bangalore which layouts an exciting, stunning and unforgettable experience to the audience. We provide you a package cost based on time and amount of audience interaction you would plan for the act. In conclusion, magic show is an ideal choice of entertainment for all your special events like weddings, country clubs, birthdays, high-end private events, school annual functions, college fests, workshops to corporate events. 

Our #1 priority is to bestow an outstanding customer service that will exceed your expectations.