Sports Activities

We are committed to promote sporting spirit and attitude by conducting sporting events. Our vision is to conduct sports events everywhere possible. And provide a platform for promising talent to express themselves. We conduct sports activities by bringing a planned and professional approach with rigor and discipline in organizing sporting events. Our suite of services includes planning, extensive marketing & promotion, and execution of sports activities. 

We organize sports meets and competitions for institutions, corporate world, schools & colleges. And big residential apartments & complexes. Outdoor sports events include inter-corporate or inter-school matches and tournaments for cricket, football. Also basketball, volleyball, golf, badminton, tennis, hockey, etc. Indoor sports events include table tennis, chess, swimming, Karate, Taekwondo, Carrom, Squash, Quiz competition, Bowling, Pool, and more. Whether at the inter-school or inter-collegiate level, as well as those at a larger level requires a lot of planning. 

Sports event planner

Sports event is not just about the venue. But the entire event the pre-sports leading up to final event. For instance, we manage the entire show including ground booking. On-ground facilities, ground staff, professional referees, umpires, scoreboards. We also provide floodlights for night matches, sports equipment needed, sound system, arranging refreshments for players, trophies & medals, public security, etc. In addition, with our planned and professional approach. We are able to deliver some of the most exciting and successful sporting events for corporates and others. 

We take pride in being a one-stop-agency to meet all our clients’ needs and requirements. After all, whether in terms of planning, organizing and executing all the conferences and trade shows. We provide services to all the clients. 

We are a result driven and satisfaction focused outfit. As w  have developed culture of value for our clients money. We work with our client budget. Our goal is to put a stamp of awesomeness and professionalism on every job that we do. And also to be rank among the top Event Planner in Bangalore.