Virtual Mannequin

A Virtual Mannequin is a real eye-catcher and can be made interactive by connecting to a touch screen panel. The touch screen is located just in front of the projection. It can welcome the guests, help give directions or provide more general information. However, it enables you to communicate innovative, promotional, advertising and an informational messaging way for any purpose. Besides, it also influences behavioral change & connects with the audience. It is very effective in increasing sales for several brands.

Virtual Mannequins are an ideal, interactive display to inform customers, visitors & guests. The mannequin can be you, a member of your staff or a professional actor. The digital solution is fully customizable, which could fit any kind of brand and product for messaging. It used as entertainment at special events. The virtual mannequin is the ideal medium to deliver your message. It connects with your audience to provide an entertaining and engaging experience, delivering a consistent and clear message.